About Us

Jerry and Andy Madison start a landscaping and home construction business in Pittsburgh, PA back in 1979. In the late 80’s they moved the business to Wisconsin with a focus on providing DIY home builders and landscaping companies with easy to build options for providing customers with easy to build homes using locally sourced building materials and local help from qualified contractors and laborers.

construction-landscape-brothersLiving in Wisconsin, the Madison brothers discovered a market for easy to build DIY hunting cabins. In Wisconsin deer hunting is a sport steeped deeply in tradition. Friends and families jooin together during deer hunting season to hunt deer, relax, and share memories with each other. Many hunting land owners desire a place where hunters and family members can stay overnight that is located within easy reach of the hunting areas. Our hunting cabin kits offer hunters and land owners with fast and affordable DIY cabin and cottage kits which are easy to build, very economical and are designed to be incredibly efficient.

This website is a work in progress so please be patient with us as we add all of our kits and information to the pages. For now, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have or if you are interested in ordering from us.